Sustainable And Environmentally Friendly Brands

Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly Brands


Companies are increasingly concerned about being respectful of the environment and trying to be as sustainable as possible. Today’s fashion no longer just means dressing up or having a cool style and following the latest trends, but consumer products with a series of principles and values.

Many consumers choose brands that take care of the environment in the process of making their articles. In general, they contribute to sustainable fashion and help improve our planet.

Millennials are also among these individuals since they bet on businesses that meet these values. In addition, they promote this type of purchase by investing in these stores that care about the planet and offer eco-friendly products. Therefore, in this post, we want to talk about some of those sustainable brands and their products.

1. Xiro Atlantic Denim

The first brand we want to talk about is Xiro Atlantic Denim. In its preparation, it uses sustainable fabrics, such as organic cotton, which contains the GOTS certificate. Its products are Made In Galicia. The Gots certificate ensures the organic condition of the cotton, from its production to the correct labeling.

Apart from this, the company collaborates in job creation and has fair working conditions. What has struck us the most is that the brand emphasizes the fact of consuming responsibly. Their products are very beautiful, of good quality and ecofriendly.

2. #Adoptaunaprenda

This second example #Adoptaunaprenda is an online store dedicated to giving second-hand clothes a second life. Thanks to this work they carry out a conscious consumption, respectful of people and the environment.

In other words, so that you can understand what exactly they do, we will explain it to you below. All garments at some point lose their value and most of the time what we do is get rid of them. Well, in #Adoptaunaprenda they are in charge of collecting these garments to give them their value again.

3. Ecoalf

Ecoalf is an English brand that aims to create products with recycled materials. What they want people to see is that you don’t need to use natural resources to make things, but that you can make various items with recycled ones.

Some of the materials they recycle are used tires, plastic bottles, etc. A curious fact is that on its website, apart from filtering by sizes and colors, it can be done by materials of which its products are made.

4. Wildlife Company

Here we have another example of a sustainable brand Wildlife Company, which appears with the idea of making this world more sustainable. They sell items such as sweatshirts, t-shirts, and various accessories. His idea is to contribute the triple impact that is, apart from environmental, economic, and social sustainability. The garments they manufacture are produced ethically. In this way, they favor the employment and development of groups of people who are at risk of social exclusion.

In addition, with their products they want people to become aware of environmental problems. That is why, in their manufacture, they use ecologically produced fabrics, without chemical substances that contain heavy metals.

5. Velvet Bcn

A firm specializing in sustainable articles and fair trade is Velvet BCN. It contains certificates that guarantee that its garments have been manufactured in decent working conditions and respect the environment. The components they work with are recycled PET, cotton…

Its goal is to offer products that are capable of attracting more and more people to wear sustainable fashion and make this a real consumer alternative. In the same way, we have been very impressed that this brand offers facilities to other stores to be able to sell their products on its website and also supports local brands.

6. Laios

Another leading brand in marketing sustainable merchandise is IAIOS. The products available are sweaters. They are made with 100% recycled yarn. The manufacturing process of this component consists of recovering leftover trimmings from other confections, separating them by color, and shredding them to spin them again.

Its articles are designed for long life. A curious fact about this company for the future is that they have thought of designing a collection system, which is based on the fact that its customers can return the used jerseys so that they can be reused.

7. Drift Sailmakers

Deriva Sailmakers is a firm founded in Pas Vasco. It is dedicated to the manufacture of products designed from used or damaged nautical fabrics, which prevent them from their main use. Her goal is to found a strong local fashion business using 3D printed parts and fabrics.

For the elaboration, they contain a lot of disused material such as broken, worn sails, fabrics that have been discontinued, etc. They are responsible for collecting all these components and selecting them to design their backpacks.

8. Biobuu

Another online store dedicated to the production of sustainable clothing is Biobuu. The components are natural and sustainable. Because, according to them, quality is very important, because the clothes are for small children.

They are committed to ecological and sustainable clothing. Being fashionable while respecting the environment is the best decision we can make for ourselves and the planet.

9. Just The Sea

The Just the Sea brand presents quality articles related to the sea. With this, they intend to promote a healthy life around the ocean and in the process improve its care and conservation. They have a great selection of products for women, men, and children. All of them are respectful of the environment and the sea.

In addition, it collaborates with people whose tasks are related to the sea. In this way, more people join the trend and help to conserve it sustainably.

10. Saper Cosmetics

Here we have another example of a sustainable company Saper Cosmtica, dedicated to the sale of cosmetic products that respect the environment. They use ecological raw materials without pesticides or toxic substances.

In addition, the containers you use for your products are also recyclable and reusable. It brings us great joy to know that there are even brands of cosmetic products that care about our planet.

Finally, Bolsalea is also a store committed to the environment. On our website, we have several sustainable models. First of all, there are paper bags that are compostable, biodegradable, recyclable, and 100% reusable. They contain the PEFC and FSC certificate, which guarantees that the paper comes from responsibly cared for forests.

On the other hand, we also have PET covers. It is a component that is made up of recycled materials, such as plastic bottles that were thrown into the sea. The reuse of these materials contributes to protecting natural resources and keeping the oceans cleaner. Besides, PET is a breathable and antibacterial material in addition to having UV protection. Another benefit that we can highlight is its durability, due to the resistance of this material, its usability over time is greater than that of other fabrics.

There are also organic cotton bags. We have standard models available and we also make it to measure. We work with a group of women at risk of social exclusion. Thanks to sewing they have a living wage. Apart from organic cotton, we can make fabrications with recycled cotton. To make it, you have to transform used cotton fabric into fibers that can be reused in new items.

We invite you to take a look at our website and if you have any questions you can contact us.

Benefits of Being a Sustainable Company

A sustainable company reaps significant long-term benefits. In addition to helping the environment, being sustainable helps grow as a company. On the other hand, awareness of the importance of caring for the environment is created. Do you want to know what the others are? We tell you next:

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