How To Make Your House More Green On The Outside And On The Inside

How To Make Your House More Green


Connected To Nature And With A Sustainable Soul

The future is in our hands or at least within their reach. Therefore, each gesture adds up and contributes in some way to a better or worse world! These 10 decoration ideas, easy to implement, will help you take care of the environment, without neglecting the style of your rooms, so that you see the house In green!

1. From The Project

Because it can (and should) be sustainable from the ground up. This house is an example of efficiency and ecology. Work of Dom Arquitectura, everything in it seeks efficiency and a lifestyle more in tune with the environment. To take advantage of natural resources, the orientation and position have been studied, cross ventilation has been created, it has seven rainwater collection tanks, which will be used to irrigate the garden, it has an ecological orchard and a bee house, where honey is made, it is heated with solar panels.

2. Sleeping in the middle of nature

Surrounded by plants that improve the quality of sleep. Species such as sansevieria, aloe vera, or peace lily oxygenate the environment, help you breathe better, and increase humidity levels. And in a 100% natural mattress, like this one from Kipli, made with latex from Hevea Brasiliense, without any type of foam, and with an organic cotton cover. Comfortable and sustainable, it ensures a natural and healthy rest, which connects you with nature while you sleep.

3. Letting In Natural Fibers

Because they are not only one of the summer decoration trends (which will stay in winter) but also because they capture nature at home, provide warmth, are resistant, durable, require little maintenance, and fit in with all decorative styles. Made of wicker, this Bakhome mirror will bring an exotic and boho touch to your environment. Without forgetting that it is a natural fiber that is renewed in just 5-7 years, contributing to the care of our planet.

4. With Green Walls

Culturally we are indebted to the green. A symbol of growth, renewal, abundance, and even fertility, today we use it as a synonym for a healthy lifestyle and associate it with a long, happy, and bright existence. In decoration, we are facing a relaxing color that, by magic, turns our interiors into calm places, connected with the outside. From sage to shades such as olive, pear, or clover, it is a good option in bedrooms, but also the living room, as in this Bruguer proposal, where it not only dresses walls but also furniture. In addition, it is the color of hope, so any brushstroke on furniture and textiles will give rise to a pleasant feeling, full of optimism.

5. Betting on Responsible Consumption

The latest Ikea study shows that the environment matters more and more to us since 73% of Spaniards make consumption decisions for ethical reasons or sustainable criteria. Therefore, a good way to contribute to this better and greener world is to carry out small gestures that achieve great results, such as responsible consumption. To start this feat, which can be overwhelming, remember that every drop of water matters, buy a faucet that reduces consumption, this one from Ikea does so by up to 30%, and use reusable bottles, preferably with tap water.

6. Boasting Green Spirit

Green, so abundant in nature and so associated with positive feelings of calm and vitality, finds a place in the decoration of the house, without forgetting the kitchen. Kvik’s Ombra model is green on the outside, but also in its essence since all the wood in the cabinets and countertops is FSC certified (a label that guarantees responsible forestry and better living conditions for the local population). In addition, it is made with an ecological laminate made from recycled plastic bottles. Without forgetting details such as the handles that imitate the shapes of the pebbles of the Danish beaches.

7. Choosing Furniture With Certification

It is not about changing all your furniture from top to bottom at once, but little by little replacing those less ecological pieces with others that are more respectful of the environment. To be sure of making an ‘eco’ purchase, look at the label, there will appear the seals that certify the origin of the wood, for example. The furniture in this Maisons du Monde room is eco-responsible, since its wood comes from responsibly managed forests, and it is made with sustainable or recycled materials.

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8. Going Over To The ‘Other’ Plastic

It is estimated that more than 8 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year, affecting more than 700 species. Taking into account that it takes about 450 years to disappear, we need a plan B that gives a second life to this material, like the one proposed by the furniture firm Hannun in collaboration with Gravity Wave with its collection of 100% recycled post-industrial plastic and wood. sustainable. Each piece will prevent 1 kg of plastic from reaching the sea. Do you sign up?

9. Managing (well) Waste

Taking into account that 20% of all household waste is food waste, a good solution is to install a garbage disposal, like this one from InSinkErator, to help you dispose of it in a cleaner and more sustainable way. In addition to a more hygienic treatment, which eliminates bad odors, it contributes to the reduction of methane emissions and other greenhouse gases, since less is thrown into landfills, and it reduces the carbon footprint because there is less waste to collect. and transport. Of course, as important as management is the reduction of food waste consumption. Keep this in mind every time your leftovers make you blush.

10. Designing An Efficient Garden

Where you use resources responsibly. To do this, you can prepare outdoor spaces with certified wood; create a shaded area with a bioclimatic pergola; look for alternatives to traditional grass, which consumes a lot of water, with grass mixtures that require less irrigation; install automatic drip irrigation with which you can save 40% compared to the hose or the shower; choose autochthonous, native plants or plants from other parts of the world that are capable of adapting to the climate and soil: Mediterranean-type plants work very well. And use less aggressive gardening products for the environment, such as fertilizers of organic origin, point out from Leroy Merlin.

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