Green House Plans To Design Homes

28 Green House Plans To Design Homes


Online examples of free house plans and ecological house plans from the best architecture firms. How to make a plan to design a house online with a list of tools and best applications for the design of houses in 2D and 3D for free.

Examples Of Free Plans Of Ecological Houses And Homes

And if we had the opportunity to see the plans of houses and technical proposals that great architects and architecture offices contributed individually for a project.

All key features in PDF and online of the different home plans that made up the redevelopment of an area devastated by inclement weather.

Here, enters an initiative of the famous Brad Pitt to rebuild a New Orleans neighborhood destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, who contacted architects like Frank Gehry, among many, to contribute their grain of sand to the victims.

The idea is to provide, for each office, a design of the plan of a house that has ideal ecological characteristics for its inhabitants and aspects of resilience in its architecture to prevent future catastrophes in the face of constant climatic changes that are revolutionizing the appearance and nature of the area, as well as the types of ecosystems and habitats of the inhabitants of the area.

It is now, after several years after the disaster that the project reaches its splendor and where you can check and see if the different types of ecological house plans provided by the architects have had a notable impact in the area.

In addition, as a characteristic of the purpose, we can see the online PDF plan of each home. 27project proposals from which we can draw many conclusions; See the techniques used, the construction systems, understand how to design the plan of a sustainable house, how to present the plans of a project, etc.

In short, learning to design homes with more coherence for the benefit of ecological houses that respond to better behavior in the face of climate change and even, with different techniques, protect ourselves as much as possible against hurricanes.

House Plan Examples

Several architects from New Orleans and around the world were selected based on their exceptional reputations and expertise in green housing and bioclimatic designs with the following particularities:

The project distinguishes between two types of dwellings according to their graphic representation; single-family homes defined only on the ground floor and multi-family homes that include the latter with the characteristics of the plan in the duplex home.

Duplex Housing Plans

Single Family Homes Plans

Recall that single-family homes are assigned only to housing projects with an example of the ground floor plan in section.

From HERE we can go directly to the reference page and the project as a whole where different photographs and images of the executed and finished houses are also shown. Also from HERE, we can see photographs of the houses already built (It’s a google search). Although the structures or skeleton of the houses are made of concrete, the rest is made of wood, so from the article Construction with wood, we can learn more about it.

Why live in an ecological house

We want to leave a video of interest where it is a clear example of how a home can make the most of both the environment to achieve great savings in energy consumption, being linked to some selection criteria in quality materials to promote insulation and the use of renewable or alternative energies make it possible to unplug from the general network and have an ecological home.

How To Make House Plans

To complete the article and delve into the lines and layouts of 2D and 3D dimensions to design houses online and be able to create our own home, on the Internet we can find many applications to make free online house plans.

There are several online tools that you can easily find on the net, but in our opinion, we should know at least some in particular that would help us how to make a plan easily and quickly without wasting too much time.

It must be remembered that it will be essential to have an initial sketch with the spaces more or less determined in terms of measurements and location of wet areas, common areas, or rest areas, to be able to work coherently with the programs. Many of them have 3D furniture to give more realism to our work

Autodesk Home Styler

One of the most famous and with excellent qualities as well as a large bookstore. This program works online and for free, you can create every one of the environments of your house or remodel certain spaces of the house.

It has the equipment to be able to see how the changes are left, it is simple to use. The application belongs to the popular software developer for engineering design and architecture such as Autocad and Revit, Autodesk. To access Autodesk Home Styler from HERE.

Planner 5D

With a very extensive community. If they look good to you from the plan design or horizontal view, then this online application of plans is for you, you only have to create the spaces of your home such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, etc. bathrooms and then dimension them from any of the sides of that room, then choose the furniture that you bring in your library to your liking.


The well-known Sketchup. It has a Pro version, but with the basic one, we can delve into the design of 2D and 3D homes or see their sections.


Specialized in interior plans and their design. With a good community that contributes knowledge and different prototypes. It is a good tool for interior design, rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. To access Roomstyler from HERE. and Another for his speed when we need him in the Roomle.

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