The 24 Most Innovative Organic Products Of The Moment

24 most innovative organic products


From a sustainable alternative to polluting pizza boxes to soap that cleans river water to bricks that are designed to save thousands of bees to an underground refrigerator that doesn’t need electricity, check out our pick of the best ecological products of the moment.

1. Ecological Bags For The Supermarket

Ecological Products – Source: Remodelista

“Dans le sac”, is the story of 2 entrepreneurs passionate about design and ecology. It is a workshop focused on the creation of reusable cotton bags that seek to become an alternative to traditional plastic bags.

Currently, this ecological brand has its creative workshop in the province of Quebec. From there, the entrepreneurs are in charge of designing and producing all their bags that, to date, are sold through a network of stores in the most important cities in Canada and also through various online retailers.

2. A Reusable Pizza Packaging

Ecological Products – Source: YankoSabas

The United States alone sells each year nearly 3 billion pizzas, of which 2 thirds are delivered to homes in the classic cardboard boxes invented in the sixties by Tom Monaghan, the also founder of Dominos Pizza.

To propose a sustainable alternative, Pizzacycle is born, it is a pizza box that can be washed and reused. With a particular circular shape, these packages are made of bioplastic and also contain grids that allow steam from the pizza to escape to keep it always crispy, fluffy, and warm.

3. The Soap That Cleans The Rivers

Ecological Products – Source: Awa

In Peru, as in other regions of the world, the custom of washing clothes in rivers still prevails. Unfortunately, the soap used to wash clothes in the rivers is usually highly polluting, which generates a vicious cycle because the water they wash in is also the water they drink and use to irrigate their plots and prepare their food.

Just to reverse this situation, Awa was born, the first soap composed of microorganisms capable of cleaning clothes and also the pollution of rivers.

4. A Toilet Paper Made With Bamboo

Ecological Products – Source: Bippy

Bippy is an American brand that was born in 2019 with the mission of conserving the world’s forests through a product that we all use daily: toilet paper. It is an absorbent and ultra-soft alternative that is tree-free since it is made entirely of bamboo fiber, a tropical plant that is very easy to propagate and does not need to be replanted.

5. Bricks Made For Bees

Ecological Products – GreenBlueTan

In the United Kingdom alone there are more than 300 species of bees, of which 90 percent are solitary bees; that is, they do not belong to any colony. Therefore, they are animals that hardly find spaces to reproduce despite their importance in promoting the diversity and abundance of plants in British cities.

The Bee Brick is a new brick that aims to offer solitary bees a comfortable and safe habitat. These are some peculiar building blocks that have small cavities in which bees can lay their eggs.

6. The First Biodegradable Coffin

Green Products – Source: LWT

“Leaves With You” is the brand of the first 100 percent biodegradable coffin. It is a product made entirely with macrame, the ancient technique of creating fabrics using decorative knots, which seeks to position itself as an organic and sustainable alternative to traditional burial methods.

7. The Shampoo That Only Needs 3 Drops Of Water

Ecological Products – Source: Mirage

Welcome to Mirage, the first shampoo cubes that are capable of being activated with just a few drops of water.

Using this shampoo is the easiest thing in the world. You just have to introduce a cube together with you to the shower, add a few drops and rub with your hands until it forms a paste that, later, you can apply to your hair as you would with any other shampoo.

8. Eggs Made With Chickpeas

Organic Products – Source: Peggs

Chickpea flour is a nutrient-dense ingredient that has been used in Indian cooking for centuries. Peggs’ recipe precisely combines this staple with other plant ingredients, spices, and emulsifiers to create an egg-flavored texture.

In addition to seeking to make veganism a more attainable lifestyle for people, the objective of this product is to ensure that any dish can be prepared in a delicious, clean, and a good way for the environment because, compared to real eggs, Peggs need less land, less water, and less energy.

9. Accessible And Ecological Prosthetics

Ecological Products – Source: PCA

Despite the great technological advances of recent years, artifacts such as prostheses are still quite expensive. Project Circleg is a company that is creating especially accessible prosthetics for developing countries, thanks to the use of recycled materials and easy-to-assemble parts.

Project Circle prostheses can be customized according to the needs of each person, such as height, leg circumference, and shoe size, in addition, they are modular which, apart from lowering production costs, allows each prosthesis to be assembled simply. adapt to the characteristics of its users.

10. A Cardboard Biker Helmet

Ecological Products – Source: Gadget

FlowEco-Helmet is the most ecological, safe, and economical cycling helmet that has ever been created. It is a folding helmet that has been developed using waterproof paper.

This product was invented with users of bike-sharing programs in mind. The intention is that those who do not have a helmet can buy an Eco-Helmet for less than 5 dollars at the beginning of their journey, and, once the tour is over, they can deposit it in a container to be recycled.

11. Beer Made With Recycled Bread

Organic Products – Source: GOE

In the UK, 44% of the bread made annually ends up in the rubbish, either because it was not sold in bakery stores or because sandwich makers and supermarkets discard the crust and tops when preparing their products.

Toast is the brewery that takes in all that discarded bread to slice, toast, mash, and mix with hops, yeast, and water. The result is a very rich beer, well balanced and with a surprising smell.

12. Bicycles Made With Bamboo

Organic Products – Source: Single Track

Bamboo Bicycle Club is a project that was born to motivate people to build their bamboo bicycles. The project was founded in 2012 by Ian and James, a couple of entrepreneurs with a background in engineering and a passion for creating environmentally friendly bikes.

13. The Paper That Feeds The Bees

Ecological Products – Source: BSP

Bee Saving Paper is a paper that works like an energy drink so that the bees can keep in a constant movement without losing their lives.

This revolutionary material can be used for writing, packaging products, or even creating disposable cups and plates. Best of all is that you can throw it anywhere and without remorse because there will always be bees that will benefit from it.

14. Sneakers Made With Coffee

Ecological Products – Source: Rens

Rens is a brand that has created the first sneakers made with coffee waste and recycled plastic bottles; without a doubt, the ideal combination to save the planet.

These shoes stand out for their huge hashtag located on the instep, as well as for their striking colors and geometric details on their edges. In addition, those who have been able to try a pair of Rens, are surprised by their comfort and how well they combine with any style.

15. Containers Made From Milk Cans

Ecological Products – Source: Dexinger

Priced between $10 and $30, Golborne is an incredible collection of sustainable containers created from leftover milk jugs and discarded wood.

Those who buy these ecological products are not only buying a functional and aesthetically attractive product, but they are also contributing to the reuse of materials that, otherwise, would have ended up polluting public landfills.

16. The Notebook That Never Ends

Ecological Products – Source: Paper Saver

Creating the most ecological notebook in the world was the idea that, in 2015, landed in the mind of Jon Yong, a young architect based in the city of Melbourne, Australia.

Taking as a starting point the fact that most people use only one side of a page and then throw it away, Jon created Paper Saver, a kind of notebook that allows you to insert the sheets that still have some. clean the side so you can take notes or draw on them.

17. Plastic Free Chewing Gum

Ecological Products – Source: Nuud

Chewing gums represent one of the most polluting products produced today. This is because they are single-use plastics. To change this reality, Nuud was born, a brand of plastic-free, biodegradable chewing gums produced with plant-based ingredients.

18. Lamps Made From Recycled Objects

Ecological Products – Source: Upswitch

Located in the city of Melbourne, Upswitch is a small workshop dedicated to creating lamps using abandoned objects. In essence, this project is focused on turning old treasures into functional, elegant, and irreverent objects.

19. An Underground Refrigerator

Ecological Products – Source: Groundfridge

Groundfridge is an innovative alternative to keep your food fresh and without the need for electricity. It is a refrigeration system based on the ancient principle of underground cellars.

This innovative product uses the insulating power of the floor and the cooler temperatures of the night air to fulfill its cooling function.

20. Furniture Made With Pallets

Ecological Products – Source: Pinterest

Kimidori is a design project based on the idea of transforming platforms or pallets into incredible furniture for the home.

Led by the German designer Daniel Becker, this project begins with the collection of discarded or damaged platforms, which are later separated and used to create stools, bureaus, sideboards, benches, and armchairs.

21. Snacks Made With Crickets

Ecological Products – Source: Exo

Crickets are the food of the future. They require 95% less water than cattle and 65% of their composition is pure protein. In fact, according to the United Nations, raising crickets as a source of protein is 20 times more efficient than raising cows.

Since 2013 EXO, a company based in the United States has been in charge of developing delicious protein snacks based on crickets. The mission of this project is to offer you the maximum of nutrition using the minimum of resources.

22. A Portable Cardboard Desk

Ecological Products – Source: Refold

Refold is a cardboard desk that only weighs 6 kilograms and is completely designed to adapt to your needs; for example, its height can be manipulated by whether you prefer to work standing or sitting. Plus, this desk is ultra-sturdy and can be put together in just 2 minutes.

23. A Body Rinse That Disappears

Ecological Products – Source: Plus

The Plus rinse is made up of aloe, eucalyptus, and vegetable oils that, together, create a refreshing sensation of deep and sustainable cleaning. Meanwhile, the bags are made with wood pulp and printed with vegetable ink, so all you have to do is throw them in the shower and they dissolve in seconds and go down the drain in liquid form.

24. A Biodegradable Water Bottle

Green Products – Source: Cove

Less than 30 percent of plastic bottles are recycled in the United States, while the remaining 70 percent end up polluting the planet. The worst thing is that plastics are not biodegradable, so they can take thousands of years to completely disappear from the earth.

To change that reality, Cove was born, a company that seeks to create the most ecological bottle in the world and whose most recent prototype would take a maximum of 5 years to degrade.

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