Tips To Create A Good Atmosphere At Work

Tips To Create A Good Atmosphere At Work - Iebs


In our workplace, we normally spend more than a third of the day. Don’t you think it is essential to have a good work environment to be happier? Experts in HR and psychology agree that positivity during working hours increases motivation and therefore the productivity of the company.

This is not always about producing and producing more, being comfortable in your workplace is very important for your health, it will help your concentration and will make the day go by earlier therefore going to work is a motivation to promote your professional profile towards success. That is why today we tell you some tricks to create a good atmosphere at work.

Take Care Of The Work Space

If you have to start somewhere, it is with the workspace. It is very important to have a well-lit and ventilated work environment, with a pleasant temperature for everyone (between 21 and 25). Do not forget organization and cleanliness because they will affect our emotional state and productivity. To be correct, it is important to provide employees with space and material to do it correctly. Also having positive messages or decorations to your liking on the table are good allies.

Rest Areas

Build welcoming and comfortable rest spaces. If we think that by working 8 hours non-stop we are more productive, we are wrong, according to a 2014 study by the University of Toronto, the optimal time to maximize productivity is 17 minutes of rest for each hour of intense work.

Undoubtedly, breaks are essential to give oxygen to the mind and take your eyes off the screen for a few minutes. It has been shown that not stopping to take breaks from time to time decreases attention and logic capacity considerably.

To improve the productivity and well-being of their employees, many companies set up a room where they can stop to rest, talk and unwind for a while from work together with a coffee pot, in some armchairs or hobbies.

Foster Autonomy And Confidence

Trust is key to generating commitment, but it is always a very difficult aspect of working in the company. Sometimes a vote of confidence in the worker is better and letting him work with autonomy and freedom than having someone constantly on top of his work. In this way you will feel more valued and appreciated, allowing a quiet workspace where the worker does not feel pressured or spied on.

Communication And Respect

Human beings are communicative by nature and good communication based on respect is essential for a good work environment to exist. Of course, it is naive to think that all the members of a company can get along, but yes, values such as tolerance, harmony, and respect can be promoted so that a climate of good energy and positive thinking is consumed.

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This also includes good communication between the different hierarchical levels. Respect between employees and superiors must be mutual, and a healthy and dynamic dialogue can be key to effectively resolving obstacles or misunderstandings daily. A constructive comment in time will save everyone’s time and effort.

Be Grateful Always

With everyone, even if they have helped you or just done their job if you are the one who has received it, say thank you. This shows that you value their role and that they are on your team, would you also like them to do so with your work? Think about it and you will find the answer.

Cooperation Is Not Competition

Working is difficult, and more so when you don’t have a good team behind you. Therefore, to carry out a good job it is important to have a good team. Make all workers aware that they are rowing in the same direction, within the business strategy.

Dynamics and gamification techniques can be proposed to encourage motivation at work, but it is better to avoid competition between colleagues, everything that can promote conflicts and problems within a team is better to bet on other techniques.

Celebrate Achievements

Normally we only communicate bad results, to look for improvements, but it is also very important to share the good news with the entire company. Celebrate achievements without losing the vision of work and the desire to excel towards new, ever-increasing goals.

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