Questions About The Basics Of Organic Farming

Questions About The Basics Of Organic Farming


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1 Is Organic Basics a Solid Company?

Founded in 2014, Organic Farming Basics manufactures organic staples using organic cotton, Tencel, and recycled materials.

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world, with a direct negative impact on the environment. They create an environmentally friendly alternative.

I am willing to spend some money on high-quality items that are ethically made, eco-friendly, and built to last to support my efforts for sustainable yoga practice and lifestyle.

2 Where Are Green Commodities Made?

You can find a lot of information about where Organic Basics products are made on their website.

They have factories in Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Austria, and Scotland.

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3 Are Green Commodities Small?

You can size up if you’re between sizes and like a looser fit, but overall it fits true to size. From my personal experience, most of their clothes are a bit large. That said, when I buy thongs or bras, I usually go up a size.

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4 Is Organic Basics Really Tico?

In its product line, there is a high proportion of organic cotton and other ecological materials such as Tencel.

Thanks to the use of more environmentally friendly materials and the optimization of their manufacturing process, they use fewer chemicals, water, and energy during the production process.

I would say they are one of the most ethical companies out there.

5 When was Organic Basics founded?

Organic Farming Basics was founded in 2014 in Denmark.

6 How is ecological clothing made?

Eco clothing is always made from natural fibers derived from plants that have not been treated with pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

To save water, refine fabrics, and finish garments, natural fertilizers and controlled biological methods are often used.

7 What kind of fabric is Tencel?

Tencel is made from wood pulp and is somewhat similar to rayon, modal, and viscose.

Each of these types of cellulose fibers is made similarly: the cellulose pulp dissolves in water and turns into a sludge, which is then dried through a process called spinning.

That said, Tencel is considered the most environmentally friendly fiber, as it is treated with low toxicity chemicals (compared to modal or viscose), 99% of which is reused. In addition, Tencel does not require bleaching like most natural fibers.

8 Does Organic Basics Ship To Canada?

Yes, they ship to Canada. Shipping to Canadian and US addresses is free for orders over $100 in Organic Farming Basics.

Shipping options are available for Organic Farming Basics in all countries. So whatever the price, shipping will be available to your country. Organic Farming Basics We do not deliver to US PO Boxes, APO, FPO, and DPO destinations.

Keep in mind that you will have to pay duties and taxes separately, depending on the value of your shipment and the tax rules of your country.

9 Is Tencel Better Than Cotton?

Tencel fibers have a high level of absorption, which makes the sheets more pleasant to wear, they are more hygienic and also dye very well.

You will generally find that they are more vibrant and less likely to fade over time.

Tencel has a duller appearance than cotton, which appears sharper and cleaner.

In terms of durability, Tencel once again outperforms cotton. If a cotton t-shirt can last you years, the Lyocell Tencel t-shirt will last even longer and look better too.

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