Ecological And Sustainable Materials In Interior Decoration

Ecological Materials In Interior Decoration


There is no more than looking around us to realize the number of materials and elements that surround us and the infinite possibilities that they offer us, there is no doubt that in recent years there has been a commitment to the reuse of the most original and closest materials. nature itself.

And it is that more and more we need the presence of the natural in our lives and in everything that surrounds us. This growing trend and interest in applying elements and new materials of sustainable origin is presented as the perfect alternative to those materials that do not respect the environment that surrounds our habitat.

Ecofriendly Raw Material: Polyurethane

Panespol Systems is a pioneering company in the development of new formulas for top-quality synthetic polymer coatings and easy-to-install decorative panels, which has a wide variety of products (more than 300 references) whose textures, colors, and finishes, in a wide range of architectural materials, they allow the construction of unique spaces, giving them the desired personality.

Its raw material, polyurethane, has a series of characteristics that give its products collaborative properties with the environment: it is an effective thermal insulator, so it helps reduce energy consumption, prevents the proliferation of mold and fungus, and has zero carbon emissions. gases. In addition, Panespol uses water-based polyurethane, which does not harm the environment at all and does not emit toxic fumes when it comes into contact with fire.

This year, the company has launched its sustainability plan with the presentation of new fully biodegradable raw materials. They have the development and capacity to manufacture the same decorative panels with a natural, sustainable, and ecological raw material: bio mesh made up of braided biodegradable natural fibers.

Above these lines, the lobby of the Angeles & Deminios hotel, designed by Alberto Aranda for the firm Porcelanite Dos, had an interior patio in which the interior designer created a sculptural wall with four decorative panels specifically designed for this space, whose texture had the appearance of a vertical garden with climbing branches.

Respect And Sustainability

With more than five decades of experience, Ecoclay specialists work every day at their deposit in Teruel to deliver their exclusive clays to any part of the world. A company that has always worked for sustainability and respect for the environment, and to this end has a team of engineers and geologists in charge of supervising reforestation and modeling the landscape in which they carry out their activity. This innovative natural clay coating is available in the form of mortars, paints, and clay plates.

In Espacio LZF Lamps, the Mayice Studio team chose three clay paint colors Paint Benicassin Sunset, Navacerrada Pass, and Aran Snow to decorate the modular elements that made up the space. Clay paint with all the natural properties of clay, free of VOCs and other harmful emissions, free of odors, oils, and solvents, and, therefore, highly healthy.

Currently, clay as an ancestral material is recovering all its prominence thanks to its innumerable benefits for our health and comfort, being one of the main components used in ecological architecture and bioconstruction. And it is that it is a 100% natural material capable of regulating the humidity, increasing energy savings due to its high thermal inertia, improving odor absorption, and being an effective insulator and acoustic absorber. It is recyclable and does not emit volatile organic compounds.

At Casa Decor 2022, Ecoclay’s clay materials were protagonists in different spaces of the Exhibition. Among them, is the Asko kitchen, designed by Bao Proyectos, with natural clay mortar walls with the Pyrenees decorative finish. Andrena Ravents, in her space made with natural and sustainable materials, also used clay mortar for the walls and lime mortar for the furniture, with a mix of Castilla and Everest finishes.

Eco Cement

Founded in 2005, the English company Cement Design is a world leader in the manufacture of ecological decorative coatings, making efficient and responsible use of resources. Its products can be applied on any support, be it ceramic, wood, mosaic, plaster, etc., being applicable on walls, floors, ceilings, or furniture, indoors or outdoors. With a range of more than 1,500 colors and a wide range of innovative textures, they are coverings that adapt to all decorative styles.

From a water-based formulation, Cement Design products are the result of a careful selection of raw materials, mostly of recycled origin. Its application is handmade so it does not generate debris and its maintenance promotes this same value since it only requires water and neutral pH soap. This sustainable policy translates into various certificates such as EMICODE, a distinction that guarantees a very low emission of volatile organic compounds in construction materials.

In the last edition of Casa Decor, we saw it applied in the Technogym Auditorium, where Miriam Ala chose the Ecocement collection, with an elegant cement texture to cover the walls and the fronts of the side benches. For its part, the Nothing Studio team opted for the Porocret collection to cover some of the walls of the GM Modular restaurant. It is an innovative continuous cladding that combines the nobility of exposed concrete with the elegance of decorative cement.

Creative And Sustainable Mosaic

Hisbalit, a leading firm in the design and manufacture of high-quality ecological glass mosaic, was presented at Casa Decor 2022 with original applications from its new RAW Hisbalit collection, the most natural of the Cantabrian firm, inspired by natural fibers and elements of the earth. It is an undulating mosaic that plays with curves and movement. A local product manufactured entirely in Cantabria with 100% recycled mosaic, which invites you to create emotionally attractive environments with an organic coating, inspired by the craftsmanship and warm minimalism.

Hisbalit was present at Vitamina Home, the Culmia Space, designed by Virginia Gasch. In this space, the interior designer opted for ecological materials, associated with nature, such as cement, stone, and the new RAW Hisbalit mosaic. He chose the Jute model to cover the curved walls of the shower in this vitamin house and the Tierra model to create a natural wall in the kitchen, a front with a handcrafted aesthetic in a terracotta color.

The Hisbalit mosaic was also used in Tacto Sereno, the Bathco Space, designed by Patricia Bustos. In this case, Patricia opted for the Damero model from the Les Classiques Hisbalit series and personalized the colors with the Yeso y Tierra references from the new RAW collection, an undulating mosaic that fuses craftsmanship and design with the expression of its rawest, rawest side. , rough, strong, unpolished. A timeless design with which he created an original border to cover the upper part of the wall, providing personality and elegance to the space.

Continuous Handcrafted And Green Terrazzo

For 35 years, Terraconti has been one of the leading English companies in the design and implementation of continuous terrazzo through its Terracon systems, which combine different construction schemes, binders, and stone materials that cover all the technical and aesthetic needs required of a floor covering. continuous handmade and unique. These systems are recognized for having one of the longest life cycles and low maintenance costs, which translates into optimal energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Terraconti participated with different types of continuous terrazzo in different spaces of the Exhibition. In the panel of exhibitors, designed by Helena Rocha, for which a terrazzo in earthy, ocher, and greenish tones was chosen. For the Uecko dressing room, designed by Adriana Nicolau, Terraconti created a continuous terrazzo floor with a dark background.

But if there was one element that caught the eye when entering the Ron Matusalem tasting room, designed by Marta Sánchez Zornoza, it was the central bench of the space made of terrazzo, a resounding and beautiful piece with three different looks. The bench executed for Marta was made by integrating waste materials from the space itself: the yellow glass from the doors of the building, the remains of six different marbles from those placed in the space, the remains of the terrazzo tiles removed, etc. Execution using miter panels made it possible to lighten the weight of the piece while maintaining its 3D appearance.

Phenol Free Laminates

In its first participation at Casa Decor, the Italian decorative laminate firm Puricelli presented the IlPiano del Cuore project, created by EstudiHac, which posed an ode to Puricelli’s material in various formats and thicknesses, even becoming a pendant lamp in the shape of a textile pattern.

The awareness and care lie in the choice of raw materials and in the attitude towards innovation that has led the company to create products that meet the highest quality standards. Since 2007, the Puricelli Group no longer uses phenol as a raw material for its process, but rather ecological thermosetting resins. The commitment to eliminate this dangerous raw material was a natural choice and consistent with the fact that the safety of workers and users’ end product has always been a priority.

Harmony Between Nature And Technology

With a history of more than 15 years, Tarimatec manufactures its platforms in Europe with top-quality materials. Its extensive catalog has flooring in various colors and finishes, whereas the Chromatic, Wood, Ethnics, or Aris collections, the most recent addition of the firm, stand out. From this latest collection, we find several perfectly integrated products, both in The Greening Room terrace, designed by the Pia Paisajismo team, headed by Jaime Rumeu and in three other spaces that featured their products.

Traumatic bets on technological innovation in all its products, embraced by sustainability, thus representing a perfect harmony between nature and technology. In addition to the fact that all the components of the Tarimatec product range are 100% recyclable, some of them are made with 100% recycled materials, even from the seabed, making the carbon footprint minimal compared to that of other products for similar uses. . This makes Tarimatec an alternative with an eco-sustainable vocation regarding the use of tropical wood, thus contributing to the non-deterioration of the environment.

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