7 Eco-friendly Gifts To Add To Your Wedding Gift List

9 Eco-friendly Gifts To Add To Your Bucket List


You and your partner have probably been searching endlessly for the perfect eco-friendly wedding gifts, and we know firsthand that the options, while many, are hard to find. Trying to find items for your home that you love, are reasonably priced, and are also environmentally friendly is a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack. But we understand your wishes and we want to reduce your stress because going green shouldn’t be so difficult. Then

Here is a list to help you. It’s our list of sustainable wedding gifts, including a few items we think might surprise you (and hopefully satisfy your need for natural)!

1. Fair trade organic towels and sheets

Chances are good that you already have organic towels and sheets on your gift list. Now they’re everywhere, from Target to West Elm to Amazon. Surely most places where you create your wedding gift list will have multiple sets to choose from. But are they all Fair Trade certified? Check out the styles you’ve added to your eco-friendly wedding gift list if you want to respect your environment and the people in it.

2. Reusable food preservatives

Also known as “food huggers,” these little reusable silicone pieces can be lifesavers (or food savers) in the kitchen. They are intended to wrap fruits and vegetables that have already been cut and thus avoid the use of the plastic wrap. Add a set of circular food savers or food huggers to your wedding gift list. There are also biodegradable food wrappers that can be used more than 100 times before giving their ecological disposal.

3. Water-saving shower head

You obviously already have a shower head, and maybe it’s already a water-saving style, but if you’re moving to a new house with your partner, you may need an upgrade or just replace your current one. Add one with multiple settings to your eco-friendly wedding gift list, so you can reduce your water usage when you don’t need it without sacrificing comfort in the shower.

The area rugs themselves add their special touch to any room with their unique colors and patterns, making them a lot of fun to find and put on your wedding gift list. One very useful thing is that there are several sustainable carpet alternatives available. While most are considered outdoor rugs, they can also be easily used indoors, under furniture, in your pet’s sleeping room, or the kitchen.

4. Cloth napkins

Another method that doesn’t take much effort to give a kitchen area a little style is cloth napkins. Cloth napkins are reusable and avoid the use of paper products. We love West Elm’s super soft and elegant cloth napkins, and we think you will too!

5. Organic mattress

Honestly, this product is one of the biggest sustainable alternative purchases that are easy to justify. Let’s face it, it’s rare to find a comfortable mattress under $1000. For example, Avacado Mattress offers a green Queen (at the time of this blog post) for a fair price of $1399 and a King for $1699, about what you would expect to spend on any quality mattress, with the difference being much more expensive, gratifying. It is worth noting that the reviews of the brand are so strong but at the same time praise its soft yet firm nature, and speak of its ability to put you to sleep. A green Avacado mattress is handmade in America, using sustainable materials like organic latex, wool, and cotton; is the epitome of a sustainable wedding gift.

6. Air filters and purifiers

Did you know that you should replace your filters at least once every two months? And as often as every 30 days if you have pets? As we know, air filters are not the most glamorous gifts, but they are certainly one of the most practical. Air filters and purifiers work to remove contaminants in your home, from dust and dirt to bacteria and pet dander (depending on the filtration efficiency of course). If you don’t change your air filter, you do not only risk negative health effects, but you also waste energy, making your air conditioning system work harder to exhaust air. Having a full year’s worth of air filters or a good air purifier could save energy and most of all money!

7. Indoor Herb Garden

What better way to improve the air quality in your home while bringing the world to life than with an indoor herb garden. Free of pesticides and preservatives, this approach to gardening also provides health benefits, allowing you to add fresh spices to your meals year-round. This one takes our #1 spot because you can grow herbs indoors, no matter where you live. Just think that you can finish great recipes with a few sprigs of fresh herbs and show your partner what a great chef you are! The best thing about having your mini garden is that you are reducing carbon emissions and cleaning the air.

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