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Bio Degradable Balloons


The most innovative ecological and biodegradable products of 2022

Biodegradable balloons. An ecological alternative

Balloons are one of the favorite decorative elements in any celebration. Therefore, if you want to be responsible for the environment and reduce the impact of balloons on the oceans and our ecosystem, we recommend you buy biodegradable and ecological balloons.

Where to Buy Cheap Biodegradable Balloons?

If you are here, it is surely because you are a balloon lover, but you also care about the health of our planet, and although many of us love balloons and cannot think of decorating a party without them, we know that their use is very short. for all the damage they can cause to our ecosystem due to how long they take to biodegrade, but we’ll talk about that later.

Luckily for balloon lovers and those who respect the environment, biodegradable balloons were invented, which we will also delve into later, but in short, unlike ordinary balloons, they are balloons made of materials that can biodegrade in a short time. significantly lower.

Do you want to know where to buy biodegradable balloons in the United States or other EU countries?

If you are determined to buy or sell biodegradable balloons, you can do it through Amazon, here we share a selection of the best-selling ecological balloons for different types of events.

Biodegradable Balloons For Weddings

It is no secret to anyone that the bride and groom love to be surrounded by balloons and flowers on their wedding day, many even enjoy the balloons being released at the end of the ceremony, although we do not recommend it, some measures can be taken to minimize the impact of this practice on our ecosystem, such as using biodegradable cotton cord instead of plastic ribbons. The use of Chinese lanterns has also become very fashionable.

Its Ecological Balloons

If you’re hosting a baby shower, these balloons are great for gender reveal. Baby foil balloons are made of aluminum foil and natural latex rubber and printed with eco-friendly inks.

Biodegradable Halloween Balloons

Thinking of decorating for Halloween? Well, let’s see what these balloons for Halloween can do for you, with various designs ranging from Harry Potter to spooky bloody footprints for Halloween, or if you prefer you can have a latex balloon with a skull, perfect for Halloween and Day of the Dead. They are all made from biodegradable latex.

Biodegradable Balloons For Christmas

In a short time Christmas will be here, and if you like balloons and Christmas, nothing better than some latex Merry Christmas balloons to decorate your Christmas parties ecologically. These green and red party balloons are all you need for a perfect Christmas decoration.

Balloons For Communion Respectful With The Environment

These are ideal balloons for the first communion party decoration. The decoration of the baptism of your girl or boy will look radiant with these balloons with a religious design.

Ecological Balloons For Birthdays

There are many balloon options to decorate a birthday party, giant number balloons, colored balloons, dinosaur balloons, themed balloons for video game fans, and balloons with Disney princess designs. There are so many and so varied birthday balloon designs that it is almost impossible to show them all, but here we show you several biodegradable balloons to decorate birthday parties.

Biodegradable Water Balloons

What are biodegradable balloons?

Songballs are made of biodegradable materials such as natural latex, which is a colloidal aqueous suspension composed of some fats, waxes, and various gummy resins obtained from the cytoplasm of the laticiferous cells present in some angiosperm plants and fungi.

How long does it take for a common balloon to degrade vs a biodegradable balloon?

Latex balloons

Research shows that latex balloons degrade as quickly as an oak leaf, approximately 6 months. Although the degradation time will vary according to weather conditions and other factors such as exposure to light.

Metallic balloons

Polyamide balloons, known as metallic balloons, are normally inflated with helium and can take up to 450 years to degrade.

Balloons Toys Or Pollution?

In the early years of the 19th century, Michael Faraday invented the balloon we know today. But originally they were made of the animal bladder.

What are balloons?

The balloons. They are nothing more than containers of different shapes and sizes made of flexible materials usually filled with air or helium. Commonly used as decoration objects at birthday parties, baptisms, weddings, or other celebrations. They are also often used by children as toys, and it is not surprising because they have evolved a lot and today you can find very striking balloons in beautiful colors.

There are giant balloons, metal, gold, large numbers, heart balloons, and many other shapes and sizes and although they are undoubtedly very attractive to children and adults, they are an imminent danger to biodiversity. Especially if they are not used responsibly, and are allowed to fly freely, because they are a wonderful sight, but have you ever wondered where they will end up? We are aware that the vast majority end up in the oceans or the forests and that they end up polluting our planet.

Are Ecological Globes The Solution?

Unfortunately, even biodegradable eco-friendly balloons are not exempt from harming nature, even though they degrade much faster than the popular birthday balloons. But we can reduce their environmental impact if, after using them at our parties, they are kept tied up and discarded instead of letting them fly freely, thus preventing them from reaching the seas and polluting the environment.

There are different ecological options and biodegradable balloons that allow us to continue enjoying those special moments without damaging the planet or doing it as little as possible.

Chinese Balloons Or Chinese Lanterns

Chinese balloons or paper balloons also known as wishing balloons are a more ecological alternative to decorating weddings, birthdays, or any other festive event. Chinese flying lanterns, sky lanterns, or Chinese lanterns as they are often called, are fully assembled and biodegradable.

Each paper lantern lights up the night sky for an unforgettable experience. They are perfect for weddings, New Year’s Eve, graduations, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, outdoor parties, bonfires, birthdays, memorials, ceremonies, funerals, and Christmas. The lanterns have an environmentally friendly design.

Chinese Lanterns: The Best Selling Ecological Globes

What are Chinese balloons made of?

Chinese balloons are made of fire-resistant paper and environmentally friendly material such as rice paper and cotton, so we don’t have to worry if it gets stuck in a tree. Hanging lanterns are finally part of the earth as they are 100% biodegradable. You can also find them in different shapes, colors, and sizes, if you like heart balloons, don’t worry, there are heart-shaped paper lanterns.

Do you want to decorate a party ecologically? Surely you will need to buy ecological balloons. Here we show you a wide variety of biodegradable and ecological balloons for parties, weddings, events, or other celebrations, which you can buy on Amazon, we show you the best options about quality-price and ensure that they are of the best quality and 100% organic.

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