8 Sustainable, Ecological And Zero Waste Gift Ideas

sustainable & ecological gift ideas


If you are looking for ideas and inspiration to make sustainable and Zero Waste gifts, in today’s article I present you 8 ideas for consideration.

Birthdays, Christmas, Secret Santa, Mother’s or Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day – surely when you think of these important occasions, only the idea of consumerism and spending just to spend comes to mind.

But in this post, I will show you that it doesn’t have to be that way, that the act of giving should not lead to greater consumption and, therefore, greater waste and pollution to the planet. There are many ways to make sustainable, original, and environmentally friendly gifts.

What Are Sustainable Gifts?

First of all, we have to make it clear what an ecological or sustainable gift is. Sustainable gifts are those that are designed to have a low impact on the environment and that their production leaves a low ecological footprint.

Giving sustainably does not have to be more expensive since there are options for all budgets, it does not even have to be something material, but can be experiences or activities.

First I would like you to think a little about the person to whom you are going to give the gift, their tastes, concerns, hobbies… Many times we will buy something crazy just for the sake of giving, but it is very important to have to take into account what that person likes and what would make him/her excited.

8 Sustainable And Zero Waste Gift Ideas

1. A Plant

Is there anything more beautiful than a plant? They are decorative, help purify the air and provide well-being. Plus, it’s a biodegradable gift. In this article, I shared some of the easiest plants to care for so you can find the best option.

If the gift is for someone who loves the garden and plants, but you want to go a little further and be something more original, I recommend any Speedo product. They have everything from planting kits to stationery products (notebooks, pencils) with seeds inside, and even plantable calendars.

2. A Handmade Gift

I believe that giving a gift made by hand is something very intimate and personal and that it says a lot about the person who makes the gift. I appreciate it when someone has dedicated time and care to prepare a detail for me.

Try to reuse objects that you already have at home to avoid buying new things.

3. Experiences

As I have said before, not everything is reduced to material gifts. Planning a getaway to nature or an excursion to a charming village can be a very good idea.

In addition, there are experiences for any taste and type of person.

4. Ecological And Zero Waste Cosmetics

Both for him and her, solid cosmetics are a most original and practical gift with which, in addition, you eliminate plastics and take care of the environment.

You can give from natural deodorants, solid perfumes, shampoos, and solid soaps to natural exfoliants. But if you want to be a little more original, you can create a shaving kit for Father’s Day, for example, with a reusable razor and organic shaving oil. Don’t miss the Zero Residue catalog, where you will have a 5% discount with my code MUNDOSINRESIDUOS.

You can also choose to renew the makeup for that special person with a Zero Waste, ecological and sustainable makeup option. My favorite brand is Zao Makeup as it offers Zero Waste, vegan, and cruelty-free makeup.

5. A Book

A good book is always synonymous with guaranteed success. We can give him a book on the subject that he likes the most, but if we want to go further and get that person a little closer to the Zero Waste movement or encourage him to rethink certain habits, we can give him a book on sustainability.

Some titles that I recommend are: Leave the plastic or When the Earth asks for SOS.

These books will give you a different perspective to slowly ease into a more minimalist lifestyle.

6. An Olive Tree

How would you like to sponsor an olive tree? It’s original, right? Well, with the social project carried out by Apadrinaunolivo.org, you can do it.

Thanks to this, you contribute to recovering abandoned olive trees in the town of Oliete (Argan) that provide work for people at risk of social exclusion, in addition to caring for the environment.

You can sponsor or patronize an olive tree and give it to a person you are very fond of. In addition, the person you give it to can give it a name, receive a sample of extra virgin olive oil and you can even go together to visit it whenever you feel like it. A supportive and sustainable gift like no other.

7. Artisan And Organic Chocolate

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Just from the title, you can already imagine that this gift will be delicious. For those with a sweet tooth, it is the perfect gift.

If I were you, I would first try to find a shop near you that offers quality chocolate, made with organic ingredients, as they can be found in more and more places. But if you don’t have that option in your town or city, I recommend these chocolates that are packaged without any plastic.

8. Zero Waste Kits

And if you are not convinced by any option, you can always create your kit, choosing the products that best suit the person you want to give the gift to.

You can create a Zero Waste kit for the office, including a reusable bottle, a bamboo cup, or a recycled paper notebook. The options are endless, you just have to give your imagination a little.

You see, it is very easy to bet on sustainable gifts.

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