5 Sustainable And Environmentally Friendly Trips

5 Environmentally Friendly Trips

You’ve probably heard the expression “sustainable travel”, but what does it mean? For us, it’s about caring about the world we live in and working for serious change for the better. We believe in collaborating with partner hotels that are pioneering a more sustainable approach to travel. This means that, in addition to helping to reduce our impact on the destination we visit, we can enhance your vacation with meaningful experiences. These are our favorite refuges around the world, where you can enjoy an enriching and sustainable getaway:

Keyonna Beach Resort, Antigua

Tucked away on a 1,000-foot beach, this hidden Caribbean gem offers a true taste of Antigua. Many of the dishes you’ll sample as part of your all-inclusive package include ingredients purchased from Antiguan farmers and small businesses. Sample freshly baked bread for breakfast, made by the village baker, and sip bush tea in the afternoon, made from plants grown on the island. If you like your food with a hint of spice, try the resort’s homemade hot sauce, ideally served alongside the catch of the day. They’ll even give you a bottle to take home. After dinner, relax with a rum cocktail in hand and enjoy live music from top local talent; we love the ambient rhythms of the steel band.

We recommend that you join Keyonna’s charismatic healer, Acari, on a fascinating nature walk. He will delight you with entertaining stories of his life on this beautiful island and share with you the secrets of the healing benefits of the regional flora.


In addition to the beautiful villas, gourmet restaurants, and colorful reefs, the Kuramathi Maldives team has earned Travellife’s prestigious gold certification for its green initiatives. Most Kuramathi guests will agree that the resort’s highlight is the food at the fantastic selection of restaurants – there are 12 to choose from – and there’s a secret to why the delicious cuisine tastes so good. Dishes include vegetables and herbs grown in their hydroponic garden (such as basil, chili, and those pretty edible flowers) and seafood specialties sourced from Maldivian fishermen. As far as possible, other fruits and vegetables that are not produced on-site are brought from neighboring islands, one of which can be visited during the stay. At Rasdhoo, just a short boat ride away, you can spend a few hours immersing yourself in the Maldivian way of life, pick up some quirky souvenirs and do your bit for the local community.

Exploring the rich marine reef is one of the highlights of your stay here, and you can do so safely and responsibly by following the Coral Reef Protection Program guidelines. Upon arrival, chat with the resident marine biologist at the ecological center (worth visiting just to see the impressive sperm whale skeleton), who will explain the golden rules of diving protocol.

Jetwing Vil Uyana, Sri Lanka

Jetwing Vil Uyana is one of our favorite eco-lodges in Sri Lanka, not only because of its beautiful design and tranquil setting in a private nature reserve but because of the team’s dedication to responsible tourism. When designing the complex in 2002, the owners were inspired by the conservation work of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). They had a pioneering vision to create a sanctuary that would allow guests and nature to co-exist in harmony. Years later, these 24 hectares of scrubland have been transformed into a naturalistic paradise.

The complex’s 36 individual thatched-roof pavilions are connected by tree-lined wooden walkways that weave through cane fields, rice paddies, and wildlife-rich forests, and have been constructed from local materials such as bamboo, woven reeds, and lumber. . The surrounding wetlands are home to wildlife such as fishing cats, monkeys, otters, many species of birds, and even a resident crocodile. You can go on bird-watching tours and night walks to spot the elusive slender lorises, or go on an elephant safari in Minneriya National Park, just an hour’s drive away.

Governors Camp, Kenya

Since opening its doors 48 years ago, Governors’ Camp has taken a conscientious approach to tourism, working hand-in-hand with neighboring communities to improve the lives of local people. As well as running amazing safaris in the Maasai Mara reserve, rich in wildlife, they run several community and conservation projects that you can take part in during your stay. For a small contribution that goes to support the 98 families of the Maria Rianda tribe, you can soak up the lively atmosphere of the village and stroll through the bustling curio market.

Flying over the ochre-colored savannah at sunrise in a hot air balloon has to be one of the most unforgettable moments of safari. As part of the exclusive new Governors speedballing initiative, you can float back down to earth, leaving more than just memories behind. Before you take off, buy small bags of wild African olive seeds and then throw them over the side of the basket. This helps to regenerate the forests that border the winding course of the Mara River.

Tongsai Bay, Thailand

This family-run beach retreat is tucked away in a quiet cove and framed by a beautiful nature reserve. In 1986, Tongsai Bay’s founder, a Thai man named Khun Acorn, fell in love with the place and bought the land with the audacious dream of creating Koh Samui’s first five-star eco-hotel. It was a true passion project, and he made sure not a single tree was cut down during construction. In 2021, Khun’s legacy lives on and Tongsai Bay continues to be one of Thailand’s premier ecological havens.

Knowing that sustainability is at the core of the resort’s values means you can enjoy this slice of Samui paradise with the peace of mind that your stay is making a difference. Sustainable features include energy-saving management, recycling, and plastic reduction, and the resort actively supports many local projects, such as beach cleanups, school scholarships, and wildlife foundations. But traveling consciously is not just about solar power and reusable bottles, it’s also about seeing the destination from the perspective of the locals. The resort has a committed team of long-time staff members who can invite you to authentic experiences, such as learning the art of fruit carving and cultural classes to delve into the traditions, lifestyle, and language. This. Guests are also encouraged to visit a nearby elephant sanctuary, Samui Elephant Haven, where these gentle giants can be seen and walked in an attic setting.

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