16 Actions To Care Of The Environment And Save The Planet

16 Actions To Care Of The Environment


Our planet is at risk and needs everyone’s help! Water pollution and global warming have advanced to unprecedented levels. Faced with this situation, actions must be taken to care for the environment.

After all, caring for the environment is everyone’s job, and, working together, we can control the causes of climate change. Every action, no matter how small, counts, so you have to get going. The first step is to know how to take care of the environment.

For this reason, we have prepared a list of 16 actions to take care of the environment. These are simple tasks that you can do right away and that represents an enormous contribution to reversing global warming. Put them into practice and join the fight to save the planet!

16 Actions to Take Care of the Environment

Are you ready to join the care of the planet? So, get comfortable and know 16 actions to take care of the environment. Scientists and environmentalists say that these measures work, so by applying them, you will see very positive changes.

1. Save Water

Saving water is one of the best actions for caring for the environment. And it is that less than 3% of the water on planet Earth is suitable for human consumption. That is, if we do not take care of it, we will have to say goodbye to this vital liquid.

Look at the data Industry and livestock monopolize up to 80% of the water. In cities, up to 44% is wasted due to a lack of action to take care of the environment, leaks, poor pumping systems, and waste (such as cleaning the streets with pressure hoses).

This is serious and although in developed countries almost the entire population has access to drinking water, the OECD has warned that availability will plummet. Well, as long as no measures are taken in the care of the planet.

Therefore, you must take action to take care of the environment. A great starting point is putting these water-saving tips into practice. Oh, and share them with as many people as you can to improve your water consumption.

2. Separate the Trash

Another measure for the care of the planet is to separate the garbage. The increase in open-air dumps is the result of poor waste management that begins in the home. And it is necessary to admit that, to many, they are lazy to classify them.

Regardless of that, it is one of the actions to take care of the environment that we all must take. You can’t be the exception, so take a look at these classification principles and start separating your waste.

3. Manage And Recycle Paper

Reusing and classifying paper is another measure that you should take to care for the environment, especially when you are in the office. OECD figures indicate that the business sector discards the largest amount of paper per year.

The problem is that up to 50% is not separated properly. This is unfortunate as paper and cardboard products are very durable and can be recycled up to 7 times. Therefore, classifying them is one of the most important actions to take care of the environment.

Each metric ton of recycled paper is a measure to care for the environment and combat the greenhouse effect. And it is that, by not having to produce new paper, the paper mills stop emitting approximately 3 tons of gases.

When you’re in the office, use paper wisely! For example, print using 2 sides of the sheet and, whenever possible, substitute digital files for physical ones to reduce the use and storage of paper.

Being at home, one of the actions to take care of the environment that you can adopt is the use of newspaper as a wrapper or to clean glass surfaces. Also, use white toilet paper, since colored toilet paper contaminates the water.

4. Reuse the plastic you use

Another measure for the care of the environment that we must put into practice, and immediately, is the reuse of all plastic utensils. Well, the advisable thing is to avoid buying them whenever possible.

Look at the data The UN statistics indicate that plastic is one of the most harmful materials to the environment. On average, some 8 million tons end up in the ocean each year, endangering the lives of entire ecosystems.

What can you do to reverse this situation? Put these actions into practice to protect the environment and learn how to reduce the consumption of plastic in your home and, why not, in your community.

5. Use Public Transportation

A measure for the care of the planet that all countries must adopt is the reduction of greenhouse gases. Not surprisingly, they are the main cause of climate change!

To do this, some actions to take care of the environment that can be taken is the use of collective means of transport. For example, electric trains, subways, and buses with low CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions.

These alternatives are more efficient and cheaper than the car, which emits large amounts of CO2. Despite this, many cities do not invest even a third of what they spend on infrastructure, so they make better use of public transport.

6. Use the bike for short and medium lengths

The use of bicycles is a measure of the care for the environment that many ecological cities have adopted. To do this, they have built bike paths and founded companies to offer bike rentals at strategic points.

A good example is Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, where there are more bicycles than people. Its model is a benchmark among ecological countries and, more and more nations are joining these actions to care for the environment.

Plus, riding a bike is a great way to improve your fitness, work your thighs, and beat traffic. Therefore, find out about the cycling routes in your city, apply this measure of caring for the planet and start pedaling!

Would you like to study environmental management in Australia? Click on these GrowPro experiences and learn more

7. Walk short distances

Walking, in addition to being a good habit for health, is one of the actions to take care of the environment. By not using your car or even public transportation, you help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Furthermore, according to medical studies, walking at least 40 minutes a day or a distance of 7 kilometers helps you improve your physical condition. Double these amounts and you will see that your health improves considerably.

8. Make Rounds With Friends For Car Use

Can’t do without the car in your daily life? So, one of the measures to take care of the environment that you can apply is to establish rounds with your friends to use a single vehicle per day or even per week.

So that you can see the importance of one of the measures to take care of the environment, let us tell you that 63% of the cars in circulation have only one driver. In other words, if many shared their cars, CO2 emissions would be lower!

Car sharing has other benefits! To begin with, you will be helping to reduce traffic, save between 50-80% of costs and extend the life of your car by not demanding as much.

Companies like Blablacar put people interested in sharing a car in contact through a friendly app. How does it work? Simple: you are part of a virtual network where you can offer seats in your car or find one if you are the passenger.

9. Buy energy-saving light bulbs

Another action for the care of the environment is energy saving. With this measure, the use of fuels to generate electricity (petroleum and coal), which are very harmful and the main emitters of greenhouse gases, is reduced.

What can you do? Buy energy-saving light bulbs as one of the actions to take care of the environment. Incandescent bulbs consume up to 80% more energy and their brightness is brighter, which can damage your eyesight.

In contrast, energy-saving light bulbs, one of the most recent ecological inventions, consume less energy. Using them, in addition to being a measure for the care of the planet, is a method to reduce the cost of your electricity bill.

10. Turn off your devices when not in use

Another action to take care of the environment, and that you have surely heard thousands of times, is to turn off your devices when you do not use them. This small measure can make a big difference in saving energy.

For example, and even if it costs you a lot, turn off your mobile every other night or leave it in airplane mode. Thus, you extend the life of the battery and avoid constantly charging it, saving energy and increasing its useful life.

11. Unplug Appliances

Turning off appliances as an action to care for the environment is NOT enough. Computers that are turned off but still connected to power consume power, so it’s important to unplug them.

Another recommendation is to control the current draw from a surge suppressor or regulator. This avoids discharges and even fires derived from them.

12. Moderate the use of heating and air conditioning

Heating and air conditioning are necessary in many cities around the world, we know! Especially if you live in an apartment that is a freezer in the winter and hell in the summer.

However, make good use of them! The best thing you can do is get a thermostat to regulate these devices, which is one of the actions to take care of the environment.

After all, the energy consumption of heating and air conditioning decreases just by turning it down 1 degree. Therefore, this measure not only contributes to caring for the planet but also to your monthly savings.

13. Take advantage of natural light

Open the windows and raise the curtains so that sunlight enters your house! He stops living like in a vampire’s lair and improves the lighting. This will help you lift your spirits, and save energy and your electricity bill.

Another action to take care of the environment that you can adopt is the purchase of devices that are charged by the sun. For example, today, there are portable chargers that feed on this source and transform it into the charge that your cell phone needs.

14. Use ecological bags

When you go shopping, also apply measures to care for the environment. how?

Just think that a plastic bag has an average use of 12 minutes. However, it takes more than 5 decades to degrade. On the other hand, cloth bags, backpacks, strollers, or baskets last from 3 to 20 years without causing an impact on the ecosystem.

15. Avoid Mass Consumption

One of the actions to take care of the environment is to develop your habits of responsible consumption. Take a more critical attitude towards advertising and don’t buy everything you see! Remember that items have more than one useful life and can be used by multiple people.

Inside you, you carry the best to help the planet: your ingenuity and imagination. Being creative, you can apply measures to care for the environment; for example, giving a second use to clothes, toys, and disks As you protect nature and save money.

Also, make your ecological knowledge collective. how? One idea is to create a network to exchange knowledge about the environment through workshops. In addition, you can barter to exchange organic products (vegetables, for example).

16. Practice Sustainable Tourism

If you love to travel the world, do sustainable tourism. This is one of the actions to protect the environment with which you can venture through the 5 continents respecting the environment that surrounds you and learning to be an ecological traveler.

Do you want to go further? Consider becoming a tourism professional. Knowing this area, you can promote new and better measures for the care of the planet. On top of that, it is a race that will take you to see spectacular places.

Why are actions to take care of the environment important?

When we say that the planet is at risk, we are not lying! Currently, 13 Nobel Prize winners are very concerned about environmental deterioration and are promoting actions to take care of the environment.

Look at the data In fact, this problem influenced the fact that, in January 2020, they reduced the countdown to the environmental apocalypse in the Doomsday Clock from 160 to 100 seconds. Hence the importance of promoting measures to care for the planet,

This symbolic clock indicates how close we are to global catastrophe due to unsustainable development. Therefore, it is necessary to apply actions to care for the environment and solve problems with the planet.

What measures to take? Find out about the impact of climate change on your community and your country. Our generation has access to a world of data, there is no excuse not to be aware of the main environmental threats.

Here, you can see a video of the United Nations Organization so that you understand a little more about this problem and the importance of caring for the environment.

Put into practice the measures for the care of the environment

If you have already decided to get down to work, you have to know where to start. We recommend you to carry out collective acts, not individual ones. Motivate your family, friends, and co-workers to apply these 16 actions to take care of the environment.

For example, one option is to join the GrowPro ECO project. Our traveling friends, in collaboration with the organization Reforest Now, will plant the great GrowPro Forest in Queensland, Australia, to repair the devastation of the 2019 fires. You can help by buying a tree or planting your own.

Raise your voice about the damage to the planet! Question bad habits and erroneous government policies, and propose actions to take care of the environment. The more people join this cause, the better things we will achieve.

Now, you know 16 simple actions to take care of the environment, you have no excuses! Be a responsible consumer and preserve the beautiful planet where we live.

Oh, and remember: do not keep this knowledge! Preach these measures for the care of the planet and spread your environmental spirit. A saying says that in unity there is strength and this is a fight that requires everyone’s effort.

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